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Emergency medical services (EMS) and paramedic practice have experienced significant development over the last few decades. The development of research to support EMS and paramedic practice has been seen as a high priority in Canada, and as a result, the Canadian National EMS Research Agenda was conducted. The landmark 2013 Canadian National EMS Research Agenda includes among its recommendations the creation of opportunities for EMS research, a dissemination strategy for research and a strengthening of the network of EMS researchers in Canada.

From the implementation meeting of the EMS Research Agenda, a group of interested individuals came together and after a series of meetings formalized a network and steering committee. The initial steering Committee was accepted by the general 'membership' in December, 2013, and will have a term of approximately two years, after which elections will take place to select the subsequent CERN-RCRSP Steering Committee (now transitioned to as an Executive Board).

CERN-RCRSP serves as a nexus among EMS and paramedic researchers, and between researchers and users of research evidence. Activities associated with the network enhance knowledge transfer and exchange of EMS and paramedic research, collaborate on a national level for EMS and paramedic research, and promote mentorship. CERN-RCRSP does not attempt to direct or control the research activities of any specific individual, groups, stakeholders or research programs, nor does it favour or exclude any particular areas of EMS or paramedic research. The general membership is open to anyone interested in the conduct and use of EMS and paramedic research in Canada. This may include researchers, clinicians, administrators, decision-makers, educators and others.


A Canadian national research network to advance the science of EMS and Paramedicine.


1. Collaboration

2. Scholarly freedom and excellence

3. Leadership

4. Profession advancement

5. Innovation.


1. Knowledge transfer and exchange of EMS and paramedic research

2. Collaboration on a national level for EMS and paramedic research

3. Mentorship

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